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Travel Agent

Dear Travel Agent:


Why sell our Egyptian Travel Services from us, We offer an opportunities for world wide travel agent to offer an Egyptian Travel Services to several potential clients simultaneously; Sun East Tours Agency in Egypt embodies this philosophy.


Participating on our Travel Agent business relationship world wide will give your business instant access to potential travel opportunities to Egypt for your destination clients.


Sun East Tours is a Tour Operator and Travel Agent in Egypt focuses on the Travel industry in Egypt. A World Wide Travel Agent relationship that is essentially based on network designed for Travel Agents to offer services for travelers to look for what their customers need to visit EGYPT.


We give a full support to Travel Agents worldwide. We ensure the best quality service to secure the relationship with customers. We would like to invite Travel Agents, to take advantage of our discounted. This will allow you to inspect our programs and services first hand.


Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are travel agent wherever you:




Sun East Tours Team